Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andrew's Baby Announcement

Here is the birth announcement of our little Andrew.

It is hard to believe that Andrew is already a week and a half old.  Days and nights have melted together to create one continuous round of feeding, changing, comforting and cuddling Andrew.  I seem to get a few hours of sleep in there thanks to my mom, Kathy.  She has been with us since Andrew was born and will stay for another week.  It has been extremely helpful since Chris has had training at work this last week and it will continue this coming week.  I've been able to bring our crying baby to her in the middle of the night so that Chris can get as much sleep as he can.  She has also been making our dinners, grocery shopping, and doing our laundry.  Pretty much she is doing everything that I would normally do.  It will be interesting to see how we are able to handle everything once she is gone...